Before Riding With Us

Cyclists everywhere share an almost instant camaraderie. We love the idea of different riders joining us on our rides. Unfortunately, the world is a different place than it used to be. The following conditions MUST be met before anyone can join us on our rides:


Requirements to take part in a FOG ride


1.0 Membership

Due to insurance regulations all riders on all FOG rides must have an MCA general membership, MCA citizen's licence, or MCA/UCI race licence as well as a FOG membership. The only partial exceptions to this are Trying out the FOG ride before joining and Out of province riders both described below. Sorry, absolutely no other exceptions. For more membership information see the Membership page.


2.0 Safety requirements

  • All riders must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved cycling helmet that is in good condition.
  • All bikes must be equipped with properly functioning front and rear brakes.
  • All bikes must be in a good state of repair.
  • No rider may add accoutrements to themselves or their equipment that may interfere with the safety of others.


3.0 Sign-In

All riders must sign in before the start of each ride. This is an insurance requirement.


4.0 Trying out the FOG ride before joining

As an exception to section 1.0 above, interested cyclists may try the FOG ride once* as a trial before joining the club. This does require starting the membership process (no commitment) and completing some forms for insurance reasons so please arrive early at the ride.


*Note: This is NOT once per year.


5.0 Out of province riders

Out of province riders in possession of a UCI licence may join us for up to 3 weeks by obtaining a temporary club membership for the nominal fee of $1. For longer periods we ask that you obtain the yearly club membership.




Please ensure you read our Policies before attending your first ride.

More information about the ride itself can be found here.



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