CrossTastic IX/Cyclocross Provincial Championships

FOG is pleased to host the 2018* Cyclocross Provincial Championships.



RESULTS AND PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND HERE until they find a more permanent spot in archive.



Date: Sunday October 22, 2017

Location: Whittier Park - 836 Rue St. Joseph


Only riders with MCA/UCI licences may take part in Provincial Championship races - no open races. Remember that for cyclocross your age is the age you will be on Dec 31st of 2018.


Please pre-register: It's cheaper for adults (a lot cheaper for 18 and younger), only pre-registered riders will be seeded, and you'll have a chance to win $500.


In true CrossTastic tradition there will be free food and drink for everyone: racers, volunteers, and spectators.


Before coming out to the race make sure to check the  CrossTastic blog for any last minute updates.


Volunteers are required for registration and as course marshals. We'll keep your shift to 2 hours and arrange it so you can watch your kid/significant other race. If you can help please contact Gary at gsewell at mymts dot net.


The online race biible including link to pre-registration is here.

Latest News

October 16, 2017


Volunteers Required for CrossTastic

It's our ninth year running and we require a number of volunteers for Sunday October 22th. If you can help...  read more >

August 1, 2017


Muddy Waters Century Ride Replacement

Muddy Waters has been cancelled this year due to the visit of President Jimmy Carter. As Muddy Waters originated with FOG members you just know we've had to plan out own...   read more >

April  18, 2017


New Web Site

The new web site is coming live in bits and pieces. Don't be surprised to find some dead links, empty pages, and even duplicate pages.

*As Cyclocross World Championships and practically every country's National Championships for that matter take place in late January (except for Canada where you know a skinsuit at that time of year would be just a little chilly) we are effectively competing in the 2018 season. As a result all categories are based on your age at the end of 2018.

Pain Cave Archives


CrossTastic VIII/Cyclocross Provincial Championships

Sunday October 23, 2016


2016 Course Map

2016 Kidz Fun Race Course

Alex Reinhardt has photos here. Email him if you'd like larger copies (earl.grey at qkstream dot com)

Rod Colwell has photos here, here and here.

David Ristau has photos here and here.



CrossTastic VII/TurkeyCross

Saturday October 10, 2015


2015 Course Map

2015 Kidz Fun Race Course



CrossTastic VI/TurkeyCross

Saturday October 11, 2014

Results Sheets

2014 Course Map



CrossTastic V

Sunday October 27, 2013


2013 Course Map



CrossTastic IV/Cyclocross Provincial Championships

Sunday October 21, 2012


Photos: Rod Colwell, Jared Falk

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