Cycling clothing is meant to fit close to the skin

Fit is very individual. Having said that, it is best to remember that cycling clothing is meant to fit close to the skin/body. Technical fabrics can only perform as designed when in close contact with skin. A loose/baggy top not only acts like a parachute slowing you down, it cannot perform its wicking and heat regulating functions properly.


Club fit vs race fit

Champion System offers both club and race fits in it's jerseys. The race fit is a typical slim cycling fit. The club fit is more generously sized. Interestingly, the club fit is not wider, but longer. Champion System's rationale is that the extra material will stretch and will accommodate a greater range of body sizes. Paradoxically this also means that if you're really tall and skinny you might benefit by going down a size (skinnier), but choosing club fit (longer).


In the non jersey tops (i.e jackets), the fit is closer to race fit.


How does it fit in comparison to other brands

I find that the race fit jersey fits slightly looser than a typical European brand (i.e. Castelli, Assos, Santini), but somewhat smaller than a North American brand.


It's best to try on yourself

One of the advantages of being a long standing club with a large membership base is that we have a large range of sizes on hand so there's a good chance you can try a size before you commit. The full range of inventory is always available to try and to purchase at our AGM. During the rest of the year you can talk to Dave Fitzjohn.

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