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The Saturday FOG ride will proceed as a large more socially oriented ride at a slow pace (30 kph) to the first stop (Lockport on our typical route). At the first stop the ride will divide into 1, 2 or 3 groups depending on numbers. Each group will be guided by one or more ride captains who will be responsible for the dynamics of the group.


We will most often try to ride as three groups as three groups best covers the spread of rider abilities within FOG. The three groups travel at different speeds, slightly different routes, and have different intentions.


Group Intention

The aim of the Saturday FOG ride is give everyone the opportunity for a challenging exhilarating ride. The goal of each group therefore is to try to travel at the quickest speed reasonable for that group. Although we are NOT a no-drop ride we also make efforts to keep the groups together. These are somewhat opposing goals. As one progresses from slower to faster groups, emphasis shifts more toward the maintaining speed side of the ledger.


Group Speeds

When dividing into our preferred three groups:

The 35 Group will travel at a cruising speed of approximately 35 kph.

The 37/38 Group will travel at a cruising speed of approximately 37-38 kph.

The 40 Group will travel at a cruising speed of 40+ kph.


These are approximations and are not limits. The pace of the group will be at the discretion of the ride captain.


Leaving the group

On occasion you may wish to cut your ride short and leave the group for one reason or another. Whenever leaving the group a rider must inform the ride captain.


Moving between groups

A rider is free to select which group they feel they are best suited to ride with, but once they select that group they must ride with that group for the duration of the ride. A rider may NOT jump to another group when someone in their group has a mechanical for example just so they can get home earlier. The exceptions are:

  • if a rider is dropped on the road from their group, they may drop back to a slower following group
  • if a rider feels they are in the wrong group, they may switch groups at the pre-arranged stops by letting the ride captain of their current group AND the ride captain of the new group they intend to join know their intentions


Ride captains

Rides are under the sole direction of ride captain(s) who operate under guidelines established by the ride director and ride working group. Road rides are dynamically changing events and no two rides will be the same. Decisions about (but not limited to) pace, route, sprint points, when and where to stop, when to wait will be made by the ride captain or their designate.


When the numbers don't add up to three groups/Riding with mixed ability groups

Although three groups best covers the spread of abilities within FOG, circumstances and numbers will at times dictate two or even one group. When it does we are no longer A, B, and/or C groups. We become completely different groups and riders cannot expect to ride the same way they do when we are in three groups.


If you are joined by faster riders, whether it be one or ten, the average ability of the people you are riding with will increase. Speed will increase and the importance of drafting will be much higher. If you're going to pull, you'll have to do so at a higher speed so you need to pull for much shorter periods and rest longer, or more likely not pull at all. If you still insist on pulling and then get blown out the back there is no one else to blame.


If you are joined by or are joining slower riders the average ability of the people you are riding with will decrease and the average speed needs to. You need to make things harder for yourself while making it easier for them. Generally the best way to do that is to slow the pace a little, take much longer and more frequent pulls (even double pulls), and always position yourself on the windy side. If you are taking short hard pulls and long recoveries in such a group you're either trying to break it up or being very inconsiderate.


The goal of the Saturday FOG ride remains to give everyone a challenging exhilarating ride. It can be a real challenge at times, but being honest about one's ability relative to those one is riding with, being flexible in adapting to circumstances, and being considerate of those both faster and slower than you goes a long way.


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