1.0  Three things to consider first

2.0   Requirements to join a FOG ride

3.0   Equipment

         3.1   Helmet

         3.2   Aerobars use

4.0   Ride captains

5.0   Dropping riders

         5.1 I'm having a tough day shouldn't the group slow down

6.0   Leaving the group

         6.1   Moving between groups



This page is under construction and includes some, but not all FOG policies. Safety is always our priority. When in doubt riders should exercise common sense and common courtesy.


1.0 Three things to know about FOG

Before even considering riding with FOG you should know these three things. If that sounds good with you then read on. If not, then no point in going any further.

-The FOG ride is a fast road ride.

-We are NOT a no-drop ride.

-We do not teach people how to ride in groups.


1.1 The FOG ride is a fast road ride

Directly from our web site in 2000: "the FOG ride is known as a fast road ride." Historically this meant "speed is held to 35 kph until Lockport and then goes up from there." In 2006 this policy was modified to hold the pace to approximately 30 kph till Lockport to allow new riders who were dropped a better opportunity to be dragged back to the group. This does mean though that when the pace picks up after Lockport to the traditional 38 kph or so the jump is much more dramatic.


1.2 We are not a no-drop ride

As a club we prefer to ride together in groups, but we DO NOT wait for everyone every time. See section 4.0 below.


1.3 We do not teach people how to ride

We welcome riders of all kinds. Riders who are attentive and willing to learn can pick up a lot from experience, but we do not provide formal instruction on how to ride or how to ride in groups. From time to time ride leaders may provide helpful hints and experienced riders are always willing to answer questions.


2.0 Requirements to take part in a FOG ride

We love having other riders join us, but for insurance reasons it is NOT possible to just drop in on a FOG ride. All riders on all FOG rides must meet a number of conditions. They're pretty easy, but they must all be met. NO EXCEPTIONS. Read more here.


3.0 Equipment

Your bike need not be new or fancy, but must be in good working order and equipment on your bike must not interfere with other riders. We recommend a road bike with 23-28mm wide road tires. A cyclocross bike with slick tires can be a good alternative. Use of a mountain bike is not recommended. Read more here.


3.1 Helmet

Use of a CSA approved bicycling helmet is required on all rides.


3.2 Aerobars

Use of aerobars during any portion of a FOG ride (including while riding off the back of the pack) is strictly prohibited.


If a rider wishes to leave the FOG ride part way through the ride in order to use their aerobars the following protocol should be observed:

  1. inform the ride captain
  2. safely separate themselves from the group and maintain a considerable distance from the group
  3. riders are not permitted to re-join the ride


4.0 Ride captains

Rides are under the sole direction of ride captain(s) who operate under guidelines established by the ride director and ride working group. Road rides are dynamically changing events and no two rides will be the same. Decisions about (but not limited to) pace, route, sprint points, when and where to stop, when to wait will be made by the ride captain or their designate.


5.0 Dropping riders

The FOG ride is a club ride, not a no-drop group ride. Both the social aspect* and exhilaration of a fast ride are important. Efforts are made to ride in groups and keep riders from being dropped from the pack, but riders are expected to be able to maintain a certain minimum speed. See the GROUPS page for more information. Riders are expected to be able to be self sufficient and all riders should be prepared to make their way back to the legion on their own if need be.


At a certain point close to home on the return trip if a rider falls off the pack minimal effort might be made to bring them back to the pack - we are close enough to home**. That point depends on the ride:

  • For rides coming back from Lockport and Selkirk: Narol
  • For rides coming back from BHP: The Fifty-Niner cafe on Hwy 59
  • For rides coming back along Garven Road: The junction of Garven and Hwy 59


* Every rider's first priority is to concentrate on good technique and safe riding. If you desire a greater degree of socialization come into the cafe at the legion for some post-ride chat.


** EXCEPTION:  Groups will always do their best to help riders in danger. It is very difficult to hear at 35+ kph. If you are in distress you must loudly call out to your fellow riders BEFORE you fall off the group.


5.1 I'm having a tough day shouldn't the group slow down

FOG has 90 active members. If we slow down only once for each member every ride for the next three years would be affected. Clearly that's not possible. Everyone will have a rough day at some point. Drafting in the group to save energy can help, but sometimes it's just best to acknowledge the fact it's not your day, suck it up, and head home. You should always let the ride captain know before leaving the group. FOG routes have a number of easy turn around points to enable an early return home.


6.0 Leaving the group

On occasion you may wish to cut your ride short and leave the group for one reason or another. Whenever leaving the group a rider must inform the ride captain.


6.1 Moving between groups

A rider is free to select which group they feel they are best suited to ride with, but once they select that group they must ride with that group for the duration of the ride. A rider may NOT jump to another group when someone in their group has a mechanical for example just so they can get home earlier. The exceptions are:

  • if a rider is dropped on the road from their group, they may drop back to a slower following group
  • if a rider feels they are in the wrong group, they may switch groups at the pre-arranged stops by letting the ride captain of their current group AND the ride captain of the new group they intend to join know their intentions


For more information on groups see the GROUPS page.


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