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October 16, 2017


Volunteers Required for CrossTastic

It's our ninth year running and we require a number of volunteers for Sunday October 22th. If you can help...  read more >

August 1, 2017


Muddy Waters Century Ride Replacement

Muddy Waters has been cancelled this year due to the visit of President Jimmy Carter. As Muddy Waters originated with FOG members you just know we've had to plan out own...   read more >

April  18, 2017


New Web Site

The new web site is coming live in bits and pieces. Don't be surprised to find some dead links, empty pages, and even duplicate pages.

Travelling faster on ones bike requires better overcoming the forces opposing the bike/rider combination.


Some of these forces are:

Wind resistance/drag

Rolling resistance

Mechanical inefficiencies

Biomechanical inefficiencies


To travel faster one can either exert more force/work harder or reduce the effect of these opposing forces.


Most of the force that one exerts goes toward overcoming the effects of wind resistance/drag. This increases exponentionally with increases in velocity. One can spend $10,000 on a new aero bike with aero wheels, but some of the greatest improvements can be had for free or for very little money.





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