Route E - Cooks Creek Loop

In summer as riders gain fitness, the group will often extend to Cooks Creek.

Distance: 106.3km (add 2.5 km with East Beach, add 5 km with Clandeboye Rd extension)

Sprint Locations: Five


The route is the same as the Birds Hill Park loop, but instead of turning south on Hwy 206 the group continues along Hwy 44 before turning south on Hwy 212, then west along Sapton Rd, before joining Hwy 206 and continuing with the BHP loop.


Within BHP the group may take either the North or South road.


Re-grouping points:

  1. rolling re-group within Selkirk,
  2. at St. Peters Rd (Hwy 508) just after 'big bridge',
  3. the junction of Hwy 204 and Hwy 44 just outside of Lockport, and
  4. either just inside the east gate of BHP or at the East Beach within BHP.


Sprint points:

  1. On the way north - on Eveline Street at the Selkirk southern town limits sign. In the fast group there is often a few kilometre lead out and speeds may approach 50 kph for prolonged periods.
  2. On the way north - the high point of 'big bridge'.
  3. On the return - at the end of Stapon Rd just before it intersects with Hwy 206.
  4. On the return - to the top of the overpass over Hwy 59 at the West Gate entrance of Birds Hill Park.
  5. On the return - the west end of Pritchard Farm Road 50m before it meets Henderson Hwy.



*  Routes may vary slightly depending on conditions.

** Roads are not closed to traffic. Riders must always put safety first. Do not cross the centre line of the road. Cars may back out onto the road or slow suddenly to turn.

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